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Integration FAQs

Which technologies does OnSecurity integrate with currently?

OnSecurity currently offers enterprise integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack, as well as Jira and ServiceNow.

What data gets sent via the integrations?

OnSecurity’s integrations are an extension of our notification system, allowing you to receive notifications of pentest findings and comments, plus Scan and Radar results, directly to your tool of choice.

Can I get notifications specific to me as a user?

Data sent via integration is at a client level, so you will only receive information related to your organisation’s account. Integrations are designed to improve team productivity by inputting information directly to your organisation’s workspaces and workflows. Individual user notifications can be configured via email, SMS or in-platform.

Are the integrations both read and write?

OnSecurity’s integrations are currently read-only, meaning that information can only travel from the platform to your tool. This is designed to simplify the information presented and avoid decisions being made without the contextual information provided in the platform.

Is the data sent by integration in real-time?

Information presented via integration is transmitted in the same manner as our notifications, which is as soon as the data is recorded via the platform. In the case of pentesting, findings are pushed as soon as they are published by the tester. For Radar and Scan, information is sent as soon as a finding is detected.

Are the integrations available at an additional cost?

Enterprise integrations are available to all OnSecurity customers at no additional cost.

Does the integration need any ongoing support?

OnSecurity’s integrations are designed to be simple to set up with no ongoing support required.