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Radar FAQs

Can Radar evidence the ISO 27001 threat intelligence requirement?

"Information relating to information security threats should be collected and analysed to produce threat intelligence." - 5.7 2022

Yes! Radar identifies and security weaknesses in your organization's systems and advises you on how to address them, plus provides comprehensive reporting.

How do I download a report?

You can download a report anytime from the button in the top right control panel. You can also export individual lists of findings to CSV within each findings slider.

How often does Radar run?

This depends on what tier you're subscribed to:

  • Real-time - daily scanning and alerting

  • Scale - Weekly scanning

  • Compliant - Monthly scan (NB no Radar domains are included on the free compliant tier).

Can I update the timing of my next Radar scan?

Yes, you can configure the time you would like Radar to run in the Configuration slider. Radar is a 'passive' scan so shouldn't cause you network issues.

Do I need to add multiple subdomains?

Radar will search for any related subdomains under a top level domain. For example, adding "" will provide results for "".

Do I need security expertise to use Radar?

No! Radar is designed to be user friendly and requires very little technical knowledge. Each module has suggestions included on how to remediate the issues and the OnSecurity team are happy to help.